(Genesis 24:1-27) Abraham is a very well know man as we study the scriptures. There was however another great man behind the scenes of Abraham. We don’t know for certain the name of this servant of Abraham’s but we do read of the kind of character he had, and his faith in God. He was given such an honoring task but with requirements that only God could truely accomplish. That is where he turned to first. He followed Abraham’s directions and then took it to God. He asked God for a very specific sign so that he would know God’s choice for a wife for Isaac.

Sometimes I think it has been easy to sit back and wait for God to show us what His will is, I’ve never thought about asking God for confirmation of His will through a specific sign. I think as Christians we feel as though we can’t ask God for a specific sign as we perhaps don’t really believe He will use that sign. We also feel like we are limiting God or putting Him in a box. I believe, from the example here in scripture, that if our heart is truely right with God then there is no danger in asking Him to reveal His will by a certain sign. I pray that we can all have that servants kind of character and faith.