Genesis 11:27-32, Genesis 12:1-8 – I was reminded this morning how our faith in God and His plan for our lives does not come from knowing what lies ahead, it comes from trust in His promises and patiences as He reveals things to us in His timing. It can be so easy for us to try and plan out our lives and make sure everything is taken care of. I think it is a blessing when things happen in our lives to require us to live on faith alone. Abram didn’t have any clue where he and his wife were going when God told him to leave the land he was in, yet he went out of faith.

God promises us so many things in His word, how easily we forget those promises and try to live this life as if we’re in control. Where is our faith then, it’s not in God, we’re trying to put our faith in the things of this world. I fail at this many times. I want to continuely live in the kind of faith that Abram had. I want to experience the joy and peace of know God has things taken care of and I can live today as He would have me. I pray for God’s peace today, Amen!