Has The Church Become Bland?

(Matthew 5:13)…We are called to be “salty” in this world. Far to often we see that the church, and Christians, have decided that they are simply going to keep to themselves and not be apart of the culture we live in. We wonder why things have gotten so out of hand in society, well if believers aren’t there to make Godly decisions within society then it’s sinfulness that’s making the decisions and driving the world.

How are we as Christians living in our secular work places? I try to do the best I can at my job, however I’m not always good about making sure that I stand out as different from the rest. I need to work on being the guy that stands out, I need to bring salt into my workplace and even other places outside the church.

How Are We Living?

(John 18:12-27)…In my devotions this morning I was post with this question; “have we ever denied Christ before others by the way we live?”. The context of this question is connected to Peter’s denial of Christ. As followers of Christ I think we can easily say; “well I’d never do that!”; but that question got me really looking at my own life. I don’t think I can honestly say that I have lived my life so far and never acted in a way that really denies Christ. Even as outrageous as it might seem, I’m reminded of Survivor: Fiji and the season finally where Boo confronts Dreamz about his dishonesty to Yau Man and being a Christian. I don’t know how much truth there is in Boo and Dreamz being Christians, however, if Dreamz was claiming Christ than Boo hit the nose on the head.

If we’re going to claim to be follower of Christ, in any way, then we need to love like it. We are of course going to fail at times, but if we can realize our failure and seek forgiveness from God and those we may have wronged, then we will have grace and ourselves restored as followers. This is very similar to what happen to Peter later on after Christ rose and met up with the Disciples on the shore. Christ gave Peter and opportunity to be redeemed. I desire to ask myself every day, how am I going to stand as a Christ follower and not deny Him?

Freedom From The Law…

(Galatians 3:1-25)…It amazes me how even today churches fail in the same areas as the early churches. Paul was always bringing to light the missteps of those early churches. Here the church in Galatia was trying teach that people had to follow the Law if they were to be believers in Christ. Paul explained that if you try to live by the Law then you will be condemned. The Law was given prior to Christ’s coming, and even Christ preached that we have all fallen short of the Law. Christ came to save us from the Law. Actually, the Law points us to our need for salvation, our need for Christ’s sacrifice. If there was no Law it would be harder to see our need for salvation.

You might wonder about all those people that lived before Christ’s coming. Was there no salvation or them? Actually we know that God gave the promise of a coming Messiah a long time prior. Those before had the opportunity to believe in the coming salvation, as they too saw their need for freedom from the bondage of the Law. When God gave us the Law He knew we could not live up to it, but he already had the coming of Christ and a way for salvation planned out.

I think it is easy as Christians to get the lines blurred between living under the Law and living under the salvation given to us from Christ. If we are truly going to be followers of Christ, then we need to live as He did, we need to follow His example. I think it is so easy for us to limit our own ability to fully follow Christ’s example because our own selfishness gets the better of us. My desire is to live my life as a true follower of Christ. In one way, He gave us the most important command was to love each other as ourselves. This is a harder calling than we might want to admit. I know there are many times I come into contact with people that are hard to love. Christ calls me to love them anyways. This is the challenge I see before me.

Following God, Whole Minded

(1 Chronicles 28:1-21) God gave King David direction for him to pass on to his son Solomon. The most important thing that David expressed to his son was the need to keep his mind focused on following God’s calling in his life.

This same direction that David passed on to his son, we are also called to in our own lives. We may not have been called to serve as king over a nation, but God does call us all according to the plan He has for us. While we are living out His plan we are called to keep our minds focused on His will for our lives. There is amazing truth to live by, found in the scriptures. God calls us to live according to His word.

The real question for us each day is, how are we going to live our lives pleasing to God and following Him. In our work, or any other activities, we can be seen as under the direction of others, but ultimately we are still under the calling of God. We need to decide if we are going to put others direction above God’s. How can I keep God’s truth and calling as my focus today? I desire to give me work over to Him, so that it is not me that does the work but God who does the work through me.