Finishing…With God’s Help

(Nehemiah 4:1-23) In our lives we face many challenges, and yet as Christians we have one amazing promise. We have God’s promise of being with us until the end, helping us carry out His plan. We can choose to go it alone, and struggle and fight through the challenges, and sometimes we may even get through them. However, the hardship we face trying to go it alone will be so much greater than when we have God on our side, giving us what we need to get through.

Our alternative can always be to give up, but as Christians our faith is what gives us the ability to push forward and rely on God for what we need. In all that we do, and come across, we need to look to God for everything that we need.

God’s Promises Stand

(2 Chronicles 7:11-22) God lays before us many promises in Scripture. Some promises are filled with blessings, and yet others are consequences for not following Him. The later is one of the promises that God layed out before Solomon. We can actually see today how God carried out those promises as we look at the nation of Israel, as it stand today.

God has unconditional love for us, but His promises are not the same as His love. Our heavenly father is very much like an earthly father. Even in times of punishment there is still great love. And all of God’s promises come out of His amazing love for us. I am always amazed at how His forgiveness never ends, and His constant molding hands never stop working on us. I’m so thankful for a God that doesn’t give up on us. All of His promises hold true for all our lives. That is the amazing love of God.

What Makes A Follower

(1 Kings 2:1-12) As David was dying he left some standing orders for his son Solomon. What he desired for his son was that he would live a life according to God’s will. He was calling his son to live a life of integrity and character. God gave David a promise that if he and his descendants followed Him that they would continue to stay on the thrown.

God calls us to follow His will for our lives, and He promises that our following will not be in vain but He will bless us. I desire to follow God’s calling in my life, to live a life that is pleasing, and honoring, to Him. And it is not about following God just to get the blessing. There is a true joy that comes from following Him.

Overcoming Giants

(1 Samuel 17:32-51) Just as David was called to face Goliath, there will be times in our lives when, as followers of Christ, when we will be faced with giants that we will not be able to stand against without the help of the Lord. Even with the help of the Lord however, He has still given us skills that can be used by Him to overcome those giants.

It can be easy, when giants come along, to be fearful and forget that the Lord is there to help us. David was only a boy when he defeated Goliath, yet he had courage beyond any of the Isrealites because he trusted in the Lord’s protection. We have that same promise of protection, and if a young boy can stand against a giant that has soldiers fearful then there is nothing we can stand against with the Lord on our side. I don’t remember the exact passage of scripture, but it says if God is for us who can stand against us. That is a promise we can stand on.