GOSPEL Journey: God created us to be with him. (Genesis 1-2)

GOSPEL Journey
Ok, readers/podcast listeners, there was some really excellent discussion that happened at the youth group that I work with. We have begun a series called the GOSPEL Journey (http://www.dare2share.org/gospeljourney) that takes a pretty raw approach to sharing the Gospel story. The way that it get’s people to really think about what they believe and being open to share those beliefs is amazing. I’m offering this space for students and leaders to continue the interaction and discussion that began (and will continue to begin) during our Wednesday night meetings. The amount of discussion that could take place almost can’t because of time contraints. I want those that still have questions or comments to share to be able to bring them here in an open and safe place.

Students: These GOSPEL Journey posts are for you. You can know that I will do my very best to keep this a safe place to interact. If I find something inappropriate for the open discussion I will address that ASAP.

Here’s some key questions to use in continuing the discussion:

  • Why do you think God created us to be in absolute fellowship with him?
  • How happy do you think Adam and Eve really were?
  • Why do you think God only gave Adam and Eve one rule to obey?