Our Battles…

(James 4:7)…When we are working for the Lord, many times this come up against us. We can’t be frustrated with people that seem to be against us, we can even find that our own attitudes become affected in such a way that God can’t use us.

We need to keep in mind that when we are serving God, Satan is right there with his demons trying and stop us.

Where Do You Run?

(1 Samuel 1:9-11)…As things continue to unfold, Hannah’s faith stays strong, and continues to go to God in prayer because of her barrenness. Her absolute trust in the Lord prompts her to make a vow to Him, that if He blesses her with a child, a son more specifically, then she will dedicate him to service to the Lord. Hannah is not trying to bribe God so that she benefits in some way. She desires to be in God’s will, so she gives up the son she doesn’t even have yet, to God in thanksgiving.

Hannah’s situation was frustrating and on-going. I know that when things drag on for me that I don’t easily just go to God, yet that’s what we’re called to do. When times are tough, God wants us to find comfort in Him. We know that we’re going to have hard times in this world, because it’s world broken in sin. God is always there with open arms to give us comfort, hear our prayers, and offer His will for our lives. I can’t count the number of times that I’ve gone running to God when I’ve been most in need. The real question is, am I going to run to Him when I’m only a little in need?

Holding on to Faith

(1 Samuel 13:1-14) In this passage Saul revealed his lack of faith, and trust, in the Lord. Rather than following God’s instruction he took matters into his own hands. I think we all have times where we fail in this same area. How strong is our faith in all areas of our lives, and especially when times get tough.

God promises to be right there with us at all times, yet we still forget that at times. This is much like the panic, and lack of faith, the disciples had when they were out on the sea and it began to storm. They thought they were doomed, even though Jesus was right there in the boat with them. How many times will we let our lack of faith cause us take things into our own hands, or lose trust in God presence in our lives?

The scriptures give us many examples of people that have fallen because of their lack of faith, but it also shows us many examples of the blessings that come from holding on to our faith. My desire is that the Holy Spirit would continue to work in my heart to help me keep strong in my faith, in all areas of my life. This means not feeling the need to take things into my own hands, but to wait in the Lord for His timing and direction.

The Price of Following

(Matthew 10:16-42) In today’s passage it is very clear that there is a price for following Christ. It is something that can cause even family to be at odds. The command however is that not even family is to come before Christ. It can be so easy to put others or things above God, even easier to use your family ties as an excuse to change your witness as a follower of Christ.

There may come times were it is looked down upon, or even outlawed, to be a follower of Christ. No matter what we are to live our lives according to Christ’s example and trust in the protection and safety of God. There is a reward for following Christ, the ultimate being eternal life with God. Sacrificing our faith for anything in this world will go unrewarded. We need to stand firm and follow Christ.