Who is Jesus Really?

(Matthew 14:33) When you look at how the Disciples responded to Jesus over the course of there time with him, you’ll see that it sure seemed to take forever for them to finally get who Jesus was. They witnessed so many amazing things yet, it wasn’t until the end of their time with Jesus that they finally began to understand that he really was the Son of God. Even still there were some that doubted it all after Jesus died, and it wasn’t until Jesus appeared to them that they finally got the faith in order.

Do we go through life with the same failure to really understand, and live, knowing who Christ is? I think it’s almost better for us to have trails in our life so that we can see plainly our daily need for him in our lives. It’s an amazing thing to have someone that loves us even when we fail at understand him. That definitely isn’t how the world works. Thank God for that, really. We need to be reminded each day that Jesus wasn’t just some great teacher that we can learn from, he was the example for our lives and the only way to have a relationship with God. That is amazing, and we shouldn’t forget it.

Choosing Your Attitude…Choosing Christ

I don’t know why but this morning I feel pretty great about everything in my life right now. I think for some time now I’ve been simply missing a lot of what I left behind in MN. I was amazed yesterday with everything that God has brought into my life over this past year. He has brought me to a place where I feel a lot of joy and excitement for where I’m at. This is good and bad at the same time.

What has also hit me this morning is that all along I haven’t been doing a very good job of simply choosing my attitude, choosing to live in the joy that God gives. The joy I have today is great, and there is no reason that I shouldn’t be able to continue living in that joy even when things seem rocky. Actually, my devotions today even talked about how Christ tested his disciples, and the question comes as to how I’m going to respond to his test, or tests, when it comes my way. Am I going to hold onto Christ and choose his joy or let the tests and the hard times bring me down?

Character of a Disciple…

(John 1)…As Christians we are not just followers of Jesus we’re called to be disciples. That also doesn’t mean that our roles as disciples are going to all be the same. Looking at Jesus core 12 disciples they were a varying bunch. Some were more leaders than others. One thing is for certain however, we are all called as disciples to make disciples. We’re called to simply bring people to Jesus. You look as Philip and Andrew and that’s exactly what they did.

Why is it that as new Christians it seems to easy to share about our new found faith with others, but as we mature in our faith we shrink back and find it hard to share with others? Not all Christ followers are that way of course. I’m not afraid to tell people that I’m a Christ follower, but I’m also not running around with an intent on telling people either.

Jesus made it very clear when he was here, either follow me or go your own way. However, we do see that Jesus didn’t feel the need to go around say “hey everyone, I’m Jesus the Son of God, come listen to what I have to say”. However, he did preach to thousands of people. He did go out in public and share God’s truth. One of the keys to Jesus’ ministry was the fact that he cared about people not everything else. I think that is where today’s Christians can miss the mark. We tend to get too focused on our programs and lose sight of the daily connecting with people. People, the relationships we invest in, those are what matter most, especially when given the opportunity to share what God has done in our lives.

The Need for Community…

(Ephesians 5:23-27)…Christ loved the church so much that he died for it. How could we even think that church is not important. Church is not about some place your go on Sundays, it’s about community. The community that Christ modeled was built around sharing lives together, holding each other accountable, and being totally real and authentic.

This type of community is something I had an opportunity to be immersed in this past week at NTS Camp. It’s so amazing to live among a group of people that live real, and aren’t afraid to show their faults. It’s not about saying that our faults are ok, but purely the fact that none of us is perfect and allowing everyone to be open enough to seek the help of each other to overcome those faults. That’s what Christ intended for the church. We cannot be Christ followers alone. We need the help of fellow Christ followers to help us on this journey.