Wrapping Up Prayer…

(1 Samuel 1:19-23)…Time and again, as was the case with Hannah, we see God answer prayers. Many times we see Him answer prayers they people want them to be answered, but then there are times too where God has a different answer in mind altogether. We may have many circumstances and trials that come our way in life. If we only have faith in God then we know that He can bring us through anything. His answer to our prayers is all we need. If it’s not the answer we were looking for than you can be assured God has another plan or reason behind. If we are truly seeking after God’s will for our lives than either our prayers will be aligned to His will or our prayers will change.

Patience and Prayer…

(1 Samuel 1:7-8)…In the beginning of 1 Samuel we find that Samuel’s mother, Hannah, is unable to have children. What made matters worse is that on of the concubine’s never let up in reminding her that she couldn’t have children. This went on for many years, and Hannah did the only thing she could, she went to God in worship and prayer. In the end God blessed her tremendously because she didn’t give up on God.

Many times we present our needs to God with the idea that He must deliver on our request immediately. That isn’t how God works, He’s not some genie in a bottle, that we can just call on when the need arises, and poof it’s taken care of. God has a master plan for all things, and He wants to know that we have the faith to trust in His plan and His timing. Everything will work out in the end according to His plan, we need only to be patient and have continued faith that He’s got it all under control.

If problems arise, or even continue to happen over-and-over again, we are called to faith. That is the faith that I desire.

Great Faith

(Daniel 6:1-28) I’m always amazed by so many people in the scriptures and the faith that they had. I’ve heard it said too that if, as a Christian, there is little spiritual warefare going on in your life then you’re probably no threat to Satan. Those like Daniel are certainly ones that pose a threat to Satan. That kind of faith and devotion to God in their lives is the kind of faith and life that I desire for my own life. It seems like it can be so easy to be caught up in the eternally meaningless things of life and totally miss what God really has for us. I don’t want to live a life of comfort and ease, I want a life full of adventure where I need to rely on God for it all. I know that I must be crazy to desire such a life. It would seem that I’m asking for a life of hardship. If we are to truely be followers of Christ then having a life that has trouble in it is exactly the way Christ explained it to be. Anything we might go through in this life as a follower of Christ is nothing compared to what Christ did for us on the cross.

What does a life of danger for the Lord look like? That’s what I’m after!

Finishing…With God’s Help

(Nehemiah 4:1-23) In our lives we face many challenges, and yet as Christians we have one amazing promise. We have God’s promise of being with us until the end, helping us carry out His plan. We can choose to go it alone, and struggle and fight through the challenges, and sometimes we may even get through them. However, the hardship we face trying to go it alone will be so much greater than when we have God on our side, giving us what we need to get through.

Our alternative can always be to give up, but as Christians our faith is what gives us the ability to push forward and rely on God for what we need. In all that we do, and come across, we need to look to God for everything that we need.