The Price of Following

(Matthew 10:16-42) In today’s passage it is very clear that there is a price for following Christ. It is something that can cause even family to be at odds. The command however is that not even family is to come before Christ. It can be so easy to put others or things above God, even easier to use your family ties as an excuse to change your witness as a follower of Christ.

There may come times were it is looked down upon, or even outlawed, to be a follower of Christ. No matter what we are to live our lives according to Christ’s example and trust in the protection and safety of God. There is a reward for following Christ, the ultimate being eternal life with God. Sacrificing our faith for anything in this world will go unrewarded. We need to stand firm and follow Christ.

A House Divided Against Itself Will Fall (Luke 11:17)

(1 Corinthians 1:1-18) Some things never change it would seem. In his first letter to the church in Corinth, Paul was addressing the issue of the people being divided over who they were following. This sure sounds a little like the state of the church global these days. Paul wrote that it wasn’t about following him, it was about following Christ. We have this problem of “what” we’re following even in the local church.

We so easily get caught up in tradition and personal preference that the church becomes divided when none of those things should really matter. Personally I feel that if we can accept and support each others tradition and personal preference while at the same time having the same goal of following Christ, there can be a degree of seperation. Quite frankly there comes a point where we ought to respect each others personal tastes, and this is only acceptable while one’s personal taste is God honoring.

If we look at the never ending battle over music in the church, what Biblical justification can one really find for saying one kind of music is bad or not. We should recognize that music is a matter of personal taste, and all musical styles can be God honoring, and simply be accepting of each others desire for different music.

There are so many issues that divide the church today, some are issues of not following God’s standards (these are the most hurtful to the church and it’s influence in this world), other issues are simply a matter of personal preference. We really should just label them as such so that we may still be united in our divirsity.