(1 Samuel 1:9-11)…As things continue to unfold, Hannah’s faith stays strong, and continues to go to God in prayer because of her barrenness. Her absolute trust in the Lord prompts her to make a vow to Him, that if He blesses her with a child, a son more specifically, then she will dedicate him to service to the Lord. Hannah is not trying to bribe God so that she benefits in some way. She desires to be in God’s will, so she gives up the son she doesn’t even have yet, to God in thanksgiving.

Hannah’s situation was frustrating and on-going. I know that when things drag on for me that I don’t easily just go to God, yet that’s what we’re called to do. When times are tough, God wants us to find comfort in Him. We know that we’re going to have hard times in this world, because it’s world broken in sin. God is always there with open arms to give us comfort, hear our prayers, and offer His will for our lives. I can’t count the number of times that I’ve gone running to God when I’ve been most in need. The real question is, am I going to run to Him when I’m only a little in need?