(1 Samuel 1:12-18)…So we’re still looking at Hannah’s prayer life. As I read the devotional for this morning I began to take a look at my prayer life. “Where is it?”; is the big question. I pray every evening before dinner for the blessing of the food and in thanksgiving for the blessings of the day. Is that really the extent of my prayer life? No wonder my life doesn’t see radical change. I’m thankful that I take time each day to be in God’s Word, but I’m not taking that next step to take some time to just be in prayer. That is my biggest challenge, the one thing facing me that I need to work on. There are so many needs of prayer around me, and I don’t think I’m taking enough time, if any to life those needs up to God. I think I need to begin by taking some time each night to just bring the requests of the day to Him. I want to be in communication with God, and open to having my life changed by prayer.