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Attention to Detail

Attention to Detail

(Genesis 24:59-67) As I began to read this morning, the story of Rebekah continued. I struggled to find what God was trying to teach me through this mornings devotions. It wasn’t actually until I read the commentary that I really got it. The reality is that I actually learned two different, and somewhat unrealated, things from the devotional this morning.

Meditation is a word that we, as Christians, tend to stear clear from. The truth is that God calls us to meditation, in quiet conversation with Him, and on His Word. This is an area of our lives that can be so easily neglected, and feel like we are wasting valuable time on. How is it that we can think that time spent with our creator, the one who loved us so much to send His son to die for our salvation? I think the constant battle with the flesh is what really keeps us from a constant desire to spend time with God. I think also that it can cause us to not learn all that He intends for us during our meditation, because we are in a hurry.

I almost missed a big part of what God was wanting to teach me this morning. I was so quick to read, and write off what I was reading as not having much life application, that I almost missed it. The very fact that I didn’t meditate on what I was reading. I was simply reading to get me quick bit from scrupture, that I didn’t take a look at the details of what I was reading.

Isaac was being given as an example of our need for meditation even in times of uncertainty and loss. He was waiting for a wife he did not know, and still feeling the loss of his mother. What stressful times he had, however he knew his need to take it to God. This is the example for our own lives. We can so easily get caught up in the things of this world that we can forget the things that count the most. That is spending time with the Lord. Let us follow Isaac’s example for our lives, and place a higher importance on our time with God. Amen!