(Genesis 40:1-23) In today’s passage we are taken back to Joseph’s time in jail and God’s continued work in his life. As you read the account of Joseph and how things played out in his life you might think that God has perhaps forgot about him, or even perhaps God was upset with Joseph. It can be the hardest to see God’s work in our lives through the tough times. Whether through good times or bad, God has an ultimate plan for our lives and will use everything that happens to use for His good, and His plan.

God also promises that He will provide us with everything that we need. This is why the part about “daily bread” is in the Lord’s Prayer. He gave Joseph gifts that we appropriate for the situations he found himself in, and he was faithful to use those gifts, not out of boasting or pride, but out of humbleness to God. Joseph plainly stated that he was not capable of interpreting the dreams but it was God speaking though him that he was able to help those around him. This is something that is good to keep in mind in our own lives. We may not feel adequate but if God has brought us to where we are, He will gives us all that we need. Amen!