(Genesis 37:1-36) Many of us have heard the story of Joseph, how he was loved by his father, despised by his brothers, was a little boastful, or at the very least rather nieve. What is interesting is to look at what the real root of the problem was between Joseph and his brothers. If it was one thing only it could be pointed at Jacob’s love for Joseph, or more specifically how Jacob set apart Joseph from the other children. I can understand how this can happen many times. You see it often even today with either the oldest child (first born) or the youngest child (baby of the family). Parents at times can fall into easily treating their children differently, and this usually isn’t something intentional. The special attention that a child may receive very easily causes jealousy in the other children. Those other children can feel like they are less then the others, that the parents “don’t care” about them.

I would hope that if the Lord blesses me with my own family someday that He will give me the ability to treat my children equally. I know this will be something that is hard, but I would desire to show the same love and acceptance to all my children no matter how different they are.