(Genesis 41:1-40) So today I’m actually going to steal the title that was given in my devotions for my posts title. I rather enjoy the devotional I’m reading as God never ceases to reveal something new in a passage through the author.

As Sunday School students we’ve all heard or read about the account of Joseph helping Pharaoh to interpet his dreams. One of the keys that was brought to light for me today was Josephs dependance on God and not on himself. The very fact that he began his response to Pharaoh with “I cannot”, and then goes on to state “but God” are the very evidence of how Joseph knew of his inadequecies and didn’t try to go it alone.

This example of Joseph had me reall take a good look at my own life this week. I will be having an opportunity to show my house to someone that might be interested in buying it. I’ve been getting myself overwhelmed with all that I feel I must to to make it ready. The unfortunate things is that I’ve let a blessing from God, which was the very speed of someone coming along that might be interested in buying it, be letting me be a peace but feeling like I need to take matters into my own hands. Even as I’ve thought about where to find a job I need to remember that I really cannot do anything on my own without God. I pray that I take my concerns to Him alone and seek His peace and guidance each day.