(Genesis 42:1-38) In today’s devotional, the author seemed to look at the aspect of guilt that surfaced in the brothers of Joseph. I was actually reminded more of how amazing God’s plans are for our life when we don’t even know it.

For Joseph, God revealed His future plans through dreams. However, Joseph didn’t really understand how those visions were going to come true, neither did his father and brothers. Then due to the jealousy of his brothers he was sold of as a slave and found himself in a situation he didn’t desire, and things didn’t get any better for a time. Even these unfortunate events were all apart of God’s plan, and were pretty much our of Joseph’s control. After many years even, God’s ultimate plan came to pass. Even greater is to see the plan God had for the people of Egypt through the placement of Joseph in his position and trust in God.

I’ve experienced God’s plan unfolding in my own life. At times I’ve felt like things in my life have been out of my control. The reality is if we desire God’s guidance for our lives above all, then we should know that our life is not in our control. We can find peace and comfort in knowing that even when we can’t see God’s plans for our life, He is still there guiding us through it all. How wonderful that very truth is! It’s and amazing feeling, and sort of awestruck experience, to look back and see how God has worked in specific ways in our life that has brought us to where we are today.