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Choosing A Life Of Integrity

Choosing A Life Of Integrity

A Life Of Integrity

Integrity is not defined by proclaiming to be honest; it’s defined by the choices we make. When it comes to integrity, our words have to match our actions. We can’t just say we have integrity. We must choose it.A Life Of Integrity

Life is all about the choices we make. Some of those choices seem easier than others. Three hard choices are the ones that really test your integrity.

DAVID WAS A FAITHFUL SERVANT to an undeserving king. Why? Because he believed Saul had God’s backing and David’s first loyalty was to God. – The Men of the Bible Devotional: Insights from the Warriors, Wimps, and Wise Guys by Compiled by Barbour Staff.

David, when Saul was still king, had so many opportunities to justify compromise instead of integrity, and the world around him would have condoned his compromise without question. Yet he honored God and stayed the course of integrity.