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Seeing, And Meeting, The Needs of Others

Seeing, And Meeting, The Needs of Others

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Responding to the Needs of Others Around You

I have, at times, been cognizant of the needs of those I’ve been in connection with. Most often the help has come by way of financial assistance. There have been other times that non-financial needs have arose and I’ve responded, but those times seem to have been in the minority.

Being Intentional About Seeing, And Meeting, The Needs of Those Around Us

We are called to not only help our brothers and sisters in Christ, but to help all those in need around us. I’m reminded of the book the 10 Second Rule.

There are so many needs all around us. How often do we simply turn a blind eye all because of our own selfish desires? I know that I have. Whether it’s at home or at the grocery store, the challenge is to put others before ourselves.