(Judges 4:1-24) God calls many, even the unlikely, into leadership. And reading this passage in Judges shows also that there is definetly a place for women to be in leadership. God lead Deborah to be a judge and leader over all of Isreal. We know from what we read that in those times it wasn’t very common to see women in positions of leadership.

When it comes to anyone being in a position of leadership I think the first question to ask is whether that’s God calling or not. I would gladly look forward to the day that God calls a women to become president of our country. Beyond whether it’s a woman or a man, young or old, the topic of who should be a leader comes down purely to where God is at in their life. This life that we live is not our own, it’s God’s. In all things that we do we need to be seeking God’s guidance, and desire His will and direction for our lives. Just as Samuel was called to by God in 1 Samuel 3, we need to respond with “Here I am”.