(Deuteronomy 30:1-20) When God created us He gave us a free will. A poor choice was made, and that is was led to the fall. We are still faced with our free will and making the right or wrong decision. We still have the choice to follow God or not. He has given us many commands for our lives to help clear the lines that were distorted as a result of the fall. Every day we are face with the decision of following God’s calling and direction for our lives.

Our choices do not only affect our daily lives, but our place in eternity. If we choose to turn our backs on the Lord, and go our own way, we ar choosing and eternity apart from Him. God desires that we live a life that is pleasing to Him.

I’m reminded of the message that I heard at church on Sunday. God has given us so many tools to help us in our decision to follow Him. Philippians 4:8 was the verse that was given during the message as a filter to use in our lives when making decisions. If we don’t have a filter in our lives it’s like drink coffee that was made without a filter, having all the grounds mixed in with the drink. Will we choose to follow God’s direction for our lives, and use the tools He’s given us to help us through this life, so that we can have an eternity with Him? For me, I choose to follow Him.