(1 Samuel 4:12-22) As Isreal’s defeat by the Philistines was reported to Eli the priest things seemed to get darker for the Isrealites. Both of Eli’s sons were killed and the Ark of the Covenant had been taken. Eli’s reaction caused him to end up dead as well as one of his son’s wives. She went into labor early and died giving birth. The unfortunate path that the Isrealites were on was causing great harm to there people. They had turned to practicing religion and letting the morals demise.

As Christians we are called to faith. We may encounter rough times, but the question is whether it’s because of our turning away from God or simply a test of our faith. If we have slipped away from the true personal relationship and following of Christ then we need to seek forgiveness and turn back to God. If we are encountering a test of our faith then we still turn to God for the strength to get through. Even for the Isrealites God hadn’t let, it was the Isrealites that did the leaving. We can never accuse God, we can only turn the finger pointing back to ourselves. We need to stay strong in the faith, and the Holy Spirit is here living within us to help us do exactly that.