(2 Corinthians 12:7-10) As Paul saw clearly, we are all weak, and it’s through our weakness that we see our need for grace and the salvation the comes through Christ. If we didn’t have failures, if we were always perfect people, there would be no need for grace, Christ would have died for nothing. This isn’t an endorsement for our weakness, it doesn’t mean that it is ok for us to live in weakness. The amazing thing however is that God strength is what will shine through our weaknesses.

Pride is easily shown through when we have accomplished earthly goals. When those around us praise us for the things we do it is easy to begin to think how good we are. There is a lie we are falling into when we begin to believe that our accomplishments are because of how good we are. Without the work of God in our lives, the things we do are never as great as they could be.

Now this doesn’t mean that every great thing that is done in the world is done by strong Christ followers. God is ultimately in control of all things, and therefore He can use anything, or anyone, to carry out His will. What is desired of God however, is that when great things are accomplished, that He is the one given the glory, not man. The real questioin becomes, “How can I truly give God the glory for my accomplishments?”. What does it look like to sincerely be pointing other to Christ as the source of the good things that we do?