(Joshua 14:1-15) In this breif passage Caleb, one of the the people Moses sent out to scout out the land, came to Joshua to ask for the land that God had promised him. Why had God promised him that land? Before the Isrealites were forced to roam the wilderness for fourty years it was only Caleb who had faith in God to turn over the promise land to the Isrealites. The other scouts that had also gone out had little faith and caused fear to come over all of the Isrealites. Caleb had a heart full of faith and confidence in what God could do to bring the Isrealites into the new land, and it was through that God blessed Caleb with a long life and a promise of lands for his tribe.

I think that as we (I) come up against things in our (my) life that we (I) need to have faith in God to “move mountains” as it says in the Scriptures. If there is no faith there are not going to be any blessings to follow it. If I would only put complete faith in God at all times I would be blessed beyond what I can imagine.