(Galatians 5:16-25) It is written in this passage some very real and evident ways to tell where people’s hearts are. I think sometimes we may have the application of the “good list” or Fruit of the Spirit backwards. At times I think we feel as Christians that we must work to show those fruits, working for the fruits themselves. This passage doesn’t say that we are to be working to attain those fruits, it says that the fruit of the SPIRIT are those things listed. Those fruits are produced as a result of where are hearts are. If we are simply following our sinful nature then it will be seen by what comes out of that. If we are following the leading of and work in our lives by the Holy Spirit then the result of that will be the fruit of the spirit.

This is another example of where it is important to have our priorities right as Christians. We can go about trying to be everything that a Christian is described to be, however it is impossible for us to do so. We are called to follow Christ and the let the Holy Spirit work in us. It is only by the work of God that our lives can be as He calls them to be.