(1 Corinthians 12:1-13) The passage for this morning touches on an area that I think many churches rarely touch on, the gifts that are given to all believers by the Holy Spirit. I’ll have to be honest that I too have no idea what spiritual gift, or gifts, I have been given. The wonderful thing about spiritual gifts is that they are varried, but uniquely and intentinally given by the Holy Spirit. There is a sad fact that if very few of us know, and even use, our spiritual gifts then the church cannot be as effective as it could be. With so much teaching going on for the Christian today, a question comes to my mind. What teaching is most important for us as Christians? Are we dwelling too much on small things that have less impact? It would seem to me that if we have been given two great gifts, Christ’s death and forgiveness as well as even one spiritual gift, then it is those gifts that should be dewlt on. I believe that if something is from God then it is more useful in this world then anything the world might try to give us, or that we might try to attain.