(Exodus 25:1-22) In Exodus, the instructions were given how to build the Ark of the Covenant, also how it was to be handled and approached. It was only the Most High Priest that was allowed to be in the Most Holy Place along with the Ark. A couple of things happened many years after this.

When Christ died on the cross the curtain between the Most Holy Place and commone man was torn in two, thus opening the door to free access to God. Sometime later the Jerusalem temple was destroyed and the Ark went missing. How is it that God could let this key piece of Christian history just disappear? I think perhaps as a way to show that there is no longer the need for the physical Ark to have access to God. I’d assume that up until the temple was destroyed, and the Ark went missing, that the Jewish people were still in the pratice of using it. Perhaps God tried to show that Christ died, as the Messiah, so that the practices around the Ark were no longer needed. Just my hunch.