(Hebrews 6:13-20) As I read this passage I came to two thoughts. One was the fact that there are still passages of scripture that I have a hard time understanding. When I say “understanding” I’m talking about really a confusion of how the words are put together, and just not being able to understanfd the thought that is being shared. Thr other thought that I had, or rather what I did see (my “sticking point”), was the fact that God gave Abraham an oath which was the highest form of promise.

God’s promises are not merely a willingness that could see a follow through, but a confirmation that He will without a doubt make it come to pass. He gives us so many promises through His word. Those that were given about Christ before He came were fullfilled, and those He gives us as followers will be given in His time. We can whole-heartedly put faith and trust in His promises. Amen!