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Podcast Audio Fixed…

Podcast Audio Fixed…

I got some feedback about the audio of the podcast, I didn’t get a good sound check done before I had posted it. For those of you that did get a chance to check it out, the sound level was very low. I think things should be much better now. This is my first real recording session in Garageband so I’m still getting myself familiar with it. I’m kind of feeling I might change which application I do my recording in. The M-Audio MobilePre that I am using now came with an application called Live that I might install and give a try.

Another note, I apologize if you ended up getting multiple emails from me concerning the new podcast episode. It would seem that how I sent the messages was causing them not to get through, perhaps getting caught in spam filters. Anyways, I’m hoping to get the word out about the podcast so share it with your friends. God bless!

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