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Podcast Introduction – 2006.02.05

Podcast Introduction – 2006.02.05

Here is the first official podcast episode for the Faith Shaping podcast. This episode is basically a brief introduction podcast.

  • Host Introduction
  • Podcast Introduction
    • Emergent Church & Postmodern Discussions
    • A Passionate Life, Life Shapes
  • What to Expect
  • Closing

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Podcast Introduction – 2006.02.05
Faith Shaping
Faith Shaping
Podcast Introduction - 2006.02.05


  1. Hi Tim, I like your Podcast. I only listened via the web & you do have an enjoyable voice quality to listen to. You truly sound “Real” as in your Faith & convictions & I hope this will reach those that need Jesus in thier lives.
    the topic is something that I am interested in hearing more about & have followed on your Blog.
    Technical question: Is the volume low when I listen because of my browser (IE) or because I listen over the web? (I had to turn all the way up & my alerts just about blew my ears)
    hope to hear more.God Bless
    (I may be biased because I’m your dad, but do hope you can touch others for Jesus)

  2. Great voice Tim. I think this is a good idea, but i would definitely check into a radio ministry. That would really get the message of Christ out there. Call Lakes Radio adn see if it is a possibility. God bless. Ginny

    ginny saul

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