(Hebrews 6:1-12) In this passage of Hebrews the people were being warned about not growing spiritually beyond their infancy as Christians. There is so much that God wants to teach us in life, more than we probably can even experience. If we are not seeking to learning more from God daily we’ll become stale Christians. We are even warned that if we stay too long in the infant stage of our faith in Christ, we risk the danger of falling back to where we came from. It is only through a maturing of our spiritual life that we can learn deeper and more profound things from God.

We can only learn what we are prepared to learn. I’ve seen at times where there have been very young Christians that don’t seem to be following God’s instruction in some area of their life. If their faith is in it’s infancy then they are still too close to their lives without Christ. They have perhaps not been seeking to grow beyond their infancy. Once they see the need to dig deeper, and grow in God’s truth, He will be able to change their lives even more.

I think as Christians we ought to come along side those that are in their infancy and spur them on toward deeper knowledge and truth of God. When they can come to have a deep longing and desire after God, then they will be at a safe distance from the edge of their infant faith.