(1 Corinthians 8:1-13) So here’s a tough subject today, one that has caused even much devision in the church(global). One of my closest friends and I have had a conversation about how our actions, as Christian brothers and sisters, have an effect on those around us. We both worked at a Christian camp and we felt that it was so important to making sure that our lives outside of the camp reflected the same kind of life we lived, and taught, at the camp. It really ought to be obvious, as we are told many times in Scripture, that people will know we are Christians by our witness. I think it can be easy to use our freedom in Christ as an excuse to disregard how others view us.

The hardest thing is walking that fine line between legalism and living a life free in Christ. There are so many things that Scripture does not describe in detail whether they are right or wrong. The keys are first if we can honestly say that what we are doing is pleasing to God, also we need to ask ourselves if there are really any benefits to what we are doing, and lastly will our actions cause a fellow believer to feel as though they are sinning cause they are following our example?

I think where the fine line comes in, is if a fellow believer has a conviction for themselves and finds themselves compromising that conviction due to following other believers. In a way I can see one area in my own life where I’ve sort of fallen into this. I have made a decision that I would prefer to avoid R-rated movies, as these movies tend to have questionable content that honestly I can’t say is pleasing to God. I have at times let this area slide when I have been with fellow Christians. I’ve questioned my actions and felt that I should be standing up for my conviction, but then I’ve questioned what gives me the right to force my conviction on another. Here if I would be expressing to my Christian brother/sister of my conviction it would be the right action for them to honor that as God has commanded. This is something all of us as Christians need to stop and think about. Is our decision going to cause another to stumble? Let us join together in guarding against that.