My devotions for today have turned to the end of end of the flood. (Genesis 9:8-17) This is the time God made His convenant with Noah, the animals, and all the Earth. He continues with that covenant still today. What was brought to my mind was how easily we have forgotten the true meaning of the rainbow. God gave us the rainbow that day to remind of His covenant. Just as in most of God’s creation we have picked it apart and explained it away with scientific logic, basically distorting God’s original purpose. When we see a rainbow we are more apt to think of how it’s showing because of the weather, rather that turned towards thoughts of God and His intention for that rainbow. We can so easily get stuck at knowing why and how something is the way it is, without going one step further to examine or just even remember the purpose of it. God is the one who gives all things purpose, before they are distorted by man. I think having eyes that are looking at the things of this world from a perspective of how God sees them is how we ought to live.

An aside, how amazing that after all this time we do continue to see the rainbow, this is a constant visual proof of God’s everlasting promises. Amen for that!