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Amazing Faith

Amazing Faith

UPDATE: For the month of April I’ll most likely be taking a break from the podcast. I will be sharing daily thoughts of what God is teaching me during my morning quiet time. You can continue to look here daily and I encourage you to share in what God is teaching me. You can look forward to a regular podcast starting again in May.

Noah and the Flood – (Genesis 7:1-24)

This morning as I read through part of the account of Noah the one key thought that came to my mind was the very fact that in Noah’s old age God asked him to do something probably unthinkable. These days I would say that the things God calls us to do pale in comparison. It would seem to me that Noah’s almost 600 years of living could have caused a lot of scepticism of what God was asking him to do. The very idea that a boat could be useful where he was at. Something that puzzles me a little, were boats something that others even near water had at this time in history? I think the answer lies probably in the magnituted of size of the ark. This shows even more Noahs faith because while there probably were boats in use nearer the water they probably were tiny in comparison to the ark, just think how many animals were aboard that ship. Can you imagine the laughter of people to see a man building a boat the size of nothing ever built before? You put on top of the sheer size of the ark next to the fact that it’s being built nowhere near water, and you start to get a clearer picture of what depth of faith Noah had in God, and his obedience to Him. Then you throw in the fact that the animals that are somehow suppose to be coming to the ark, what a “whopper” most were probably thinking.

I can only hope, that in my daily living the Holy Spirit will be working in me that I might someday attain that kind of complete faith in God. I know that even the Disciples had a hard time being totally committed to their faith even with walking daily with Christ. How, after walking for so long with Jesus, Peter could deny Him publicly three times seems unthinkable, but is it really? How many times in a day by our very actions are we denying our identity in Christ? We as Christ’s followers have so very little faith, it amazes me the continued faithfulness to us by God. (Hebrews 13:5) Amen!

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