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When Do We Talk To Him?

When Do We Talk To Him?

(Romans 8:26-27)…It’s simply amazing that many of us “Christians” have the hardest times with one of the simplest things, talking to God. Where are our priorities? I know that I make a point of praying at most every meal, and I don’t just pray for the food, I expand from there. The crazy thing is that prayer is simply talking to God. It can be hard at times when we feel like it is a one-sided conversation, but then I think we are ourselves get carried away with talking too much, and forgetting that God speaks to us through His Word and a “still small voice”. Simply taking time to be still, and be quiet gives the Holy Spirit time to work in us God’s answers or direction.

Now we can’t begin to think if while in prayer we simply give God the time to respond we’ll have our answers right away. It doesn’t work like that either. When we pray the Holy Spirit brings our requests and prayers up to God for us. Then it is in God’ hands to reveal His will to us, in His time. We can’t forget that God is not “genie in a bottle”, He has this whole thing planned out, and it’ll all be revealed and taken care of in His perfect timing.

It really seems that we are in a time where it is the hardest to have consistent prayer time. We live in a fast paced world, where there is always something to do next, and little time for slowing down and relaxing. The whole area of technology is a blessing and a curse all at the same time, at least it is for me. How many times in a week so we sit and spend quiet time with God, where we’re not rushing it. Time alone with God, with no time limit, is a rarity these days I believe. I can’t remember the last time I’ve had that. Am I really following Christ’s example in this area of my life? Am I going to pick and choose the examples of Christ to live by? I’m not a very true follower if I’m going to decide to only follow Christ’s example in some areas of my life. Deny yourself, take up your cross, and follow me, Jesus said. This really wasn’t a half-hearted request He made. This was all or nothing, there was no partial out here.

We need, I need, to take time as Jesus did for quiet time alone with God. Sure I have my mornings that I spend in some devotion time and reading His Word, but it is time limited. What amazing things God might be able to reveal to me if I take even one day each month and give it to spending time with Him. I need to also begin to take a little time each day, perhaps while I’m on my way to work, or before I go to bed, and pray.