(Luke 10:25-36) When God gave us the command to love Him with all our heart and love our neighbors as ourselves, He wasn’t putting any conditions on loving our neighbors, that wa exactly Jesus’ reason for the parable. With it becoming dangerous to even stop by the side of the road to help someone, even helping strangers in general, we feel as though we can no longer be good Samaritans. Is our faith so small that we can’t put our trust in God for His safety even in light of the potential danger of helping strangers? When the Samaritan man helped the injured man, he was taking a social risk yet he was still following God’s command.

The biggest question here is for myself. How am I going to live my life to carry out God’s command of loving my neighbors? Am I going to use the excuse that I don’t have time and someone is probably already on their way to help them? The excuse that they probably have a cell phone and will be fine? Will I be more concerned with my personal safety, or will I trust God’s control of everything and His greater plan? My desire is that I should live my life always putting others before myself, that is what I am called to.