(Judges 13:1-14) As this passage tells of the preperations for Samson’s birth, it was clear that Samson’s parents wanted to know how to raise him according to God’s desire. Most parents do want the best for their children, to bring them up to be good people, as Christian parents we want our children to be followers as well. The reality is that whether it is raising a children or sharing the Gospel to others, their decisions are beyond our control.

I’ve had these frustrations as I’ve been in leadership roles. I’ve wondered why those I was leading could not understand what I did, but I had to come to the realization that I could not control them of make them understand, they needed to see it for themselves in their own time.

When it comes to sharing the Gospel or teaching Biblical truth, our calling is not to make people understand or accept the message. We are called to speak and teach and the Holy Spirit will do the rest. We may be given the opportunity to take part in the Holy Spirits work of bringing someone to faith and further spiritual growth, but that won’t always be the case. We can only hold our own life in our hands, they aren’t big enough for any more than that.