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Sometimes We Never Learn…Sometimes We Stand Our Ground

Sometimes We Never Learn…Sometimes We Stand Our Ground

(Numbers 16:16-50) In Numbers 16 Moses and Aaron stood their ground, even though the people of Isreal came after them twice continuing to doubt God. The Isrealites had a second chance to escape the wrath of God because of their doubt, however they turned right back to doubting it all. Why is it that we can find ourselves in a similar state?

There have been times in my life when I’ve seen God working, but then I’ve easily because worried and doubted what God could do. In our walk of faith there seems to be a constant battle between God’s leading in our life and our own sinful nature. The one thing that I have experienced and found that helps to fight against my own sinful nature is staying close to God and His wisdom.

I think Moses and Aaron were two men that continually turned to God’s wisdom. It was the wisdom they gained from God that continued to strengthen their faith, even in times of great opposition from those around them. If you take a brief look at how Moses got to where he was, you can see the progression of a closer relationship with God. He went from trying to make excuses why he couldn’t be used by God to be a messenger to the people and having great faith in what God can do.

I think we can gain so much from taking steps like Moses. God is our source, let’s go to the source.