(Revelation 21:1-8) There are days, even weeks, when things in this world seem beyond repair. When people we know and love fall into hard times we wonder why they have to happen. It’s not even a matter of questioning God, there is no place for that, it just a matter of wondering perhaps when it will all end.

One amazing thing we as Christians have is the truth of God’s Word. In today’s passage the promise is given to us, even described to us, of how things will get all better. The commentator for today’s passage had some interesting thoughts, I’m not sure if I entirely agree, but I do get the point. He mentions that this world is beyond repair and thus God says He will be replacing it. I’m not sure that I agree that the world is beyond repair, for us yes but not for God. However what is happening is that there is a need for a new design of the world because God will live among us.

How great are the promises of God. It is so nice to have His promises to dwell on when things seem hopeless at times. I am so thankful for that!