(Revelation 11:1-19) As I read through this passage this morning, my mind was filled with harsh pictures of what is to come in the end times. There is a part of me that has a fear of those things, but only in the things themselves, as a Christian I know that God is there to protect us. The promise at the end of this passage is that God will be rewarding those that are followers of Him. I think in part the sadness may come from seeing those that we know, that have chosen not to follow Him, falling into the punishment that God with have for them.

I think at time the hardest thing to think about is how there are still so many people in this world that are totally lost. Many are people that know about God, and the gift He gave us through Christ, but have chosen to go their own way. At times I wonder how it is that wwe can so easily be deceived, yet it happened to Adam and Eve, and they were perfect to begin with. As I’ve worked in ministry I’ve been frustrated at times to understand why it is that my heart can be touched and opened to God’s truth but others seem hardened to it. At times I’ve wished I could hear what goes on inside their heads, is there any kind of battle going on in there?

I think that knowing, from scripture, that there will be a time when the Gospel has been shared across the entire earth helps to press us on in continuing to share it. There is a lot about God that needs to be shared and there seems to be still a lot of work to be done before He comes, yet at the same time His coming seems near as well.