(Hebrews 11:1-40) What is found in Hebrews chapter 11 is sometimes referred to as the “Faith Hall of Fame”. This passage goes on to list the many people of faith that are spoken about in the scriptures, most specifically the Old Testament. As I read through this listing of the kind of faith these people had, in light of their circumstances, I look at my own worries and feel as though I have a long ways to go to be able to reach the kind of faith they had.

God has really been speaking to me over the course of the last couple of days on this subject of faith. The sermon given yesterday talked a great deal about trusting the Great Shepherd who is Christ. Why is it that we so easily follow the Disciples example of such little faith? I’ve been so baffled as to how, with having Christ physically there, the Disciples had such little faith. I can only think that it all goes back to the sin nature within us, causing us to always doubt.

In light of what’s currently going on in my own life, I seek faith and hope in Him. I know that He is faithful to carry out His will in my life. I want to begin each day with that kind of trust in Him. None of us knows what each day will bring, but what we can count on is knowing that He is there with us always. As I begin a journey of stepping out in faith this week, I take comfort in knowing that He is there for me. I’m so thankful for His Word and the comfort it brings!