(Exodus 16:1-36) It’s amazing how it never seems to fail how little faith we seem to have. Just reading more of the attitudes, and little faith, the Isrealites had after coming out of Egypt shows how we still haven’t changed much from then. The reality of it is that the sin nature we are born with was never going to slow get bred out of us. We have the same sin nature in us today that the Isrealites had then. At times it might seem like we should have it easier then them as we have the Gospel. However they had many prophets that pointed them forward to the Gospel, and Christ’s coming. Even the disciples that walked with Jesus had a hard time with their faith. Towards the end of their physical time with Jesus they turned-tail and ran in the face of danger. Where was there faith then?

When the Isrealites were in the desert for all those years God made provision for them, the entire time. To have bread come down from heaven and birds come by night was a huge blessing. The Isrealites didn’t have to do much more then just go collect it. In the beginning the Isrealites kept fighting against God’s commands, or rather not having much faith in them. I can honestly say that I have experienced some of this myself over the past month as I’ve prepared to make a move. Going from being content with things in God’s control to wanting to “take the reins” and move things along myself. I have to go to Him each day and let things rest in His hands, and completely trust that His plan is best and will come to pass in His perfect timing. He knows are needs, and that is what He will meet. Amen!