(John 16:1-15) When Christ left this Earth through His death on the cross, and even after He was done meeting with the Disciples after He rose again, it has been thought that the Dicsiples were so lucky to have been with Jesus. The reality of it is, Jesus sent the Holy Spirit in His place, and He does continue to be with us.

We have become very visual people. If you think about all of the media that is out there, from billboards, TV, Movies, it’s all very visual. It has become even harder to completely trust in the things unseen. At times it almost seems harder to have faith because of the way the world presents things. However, we have two amazing things available to us in these times. We have been given The Word as physical, and timeless, reminders of God’s work. We have also been given the Holy Spirit, to work in and through us.

At any moment, if we begin to have any doubts about God’s work in our lives, we need only go to His Word, and listen for the quiet voice of the Holy Spirit. Christ is there with us through all things in our lives, there to walk beside us, there to lead us, there to pick us up when we can’t do it on our own. His promises are true and unfailing. Amen!