(1 Corinthians 13:1-13) If there is one constant theme that runs through the Bible, it might very well be love. If you truely look at all the ways God showed us His love for us, especially Christ dying in the cross, you might agree that above all there is love. Even Jesus during his time and preaching here on earth he tought us how love is so important. (Mark 12:28-31)

I think one thing that can be realized from 1 Corninthians is how so much comes from love. Patience, kindness, no envy, humbleness, giving, happiness, forgiveness, all of these come from love. Paul explains that without love nothing else really matters. It is even placed above faith and hope. I suppose it might even be said that because so much is required of, or comes from, love that is might be the hardest to continue to live a life of love. There will be times when circumstances in our lives, and even hurt that people cause, that will make it very hard to love. However, it is our very act of following Christ’s example of love, and letting His love flow through us to others, that will serve as the greatest witness to the gospel.