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The Fall of Freedom

The Fall of Freedom

(1 Corinthians 6:12-20) It’s amazing how the free will that God has given us can be the very thing that can make us fall. The Scripture doesn’t lay out all the rights and wrongs in great detail, however God has given us an ability to know in our hearts whether something is pleasing to Him, or even if something is beneficial. There are many who justify their actions simply because it is not written about in Scripture. I do believe there is enough written in the Scripture to be able to know truly what is pleasing to God.

Our free will is also easily manipulated by Satan and our fleshly desires. It amazes me to think how the area of sexual sin has become to rampant in the world today. There is a lie that Satan feeds that sexual desires are our own, and that if we have the desires it is ok to satisfy those desires. We also fall into a thinking that there is no effect on others, or even worse that there is no effect on ourselves. This is something the Corinthians were trying claim. We see here in these passages that sexual sin is sin against our own bodies, bodies which are not our own, but God’s.

I think one huge key to our stumbling in this Christian walk is the need to be in God’s Word daily. It is the very “food for thought” that comes from His Word, His truth that is made aware, that guides us in our daily living. I have seen it in my own life how it has been this lack of daily time with God that my judgement and thinking can be clouded. We can even see this truth as the story unfolds in Star Wars. We can see how Anakin’s mind became clouded with the dark side of the force because he was spending so much time under it’s influence rather than under the teachings and influence of good side of the force.

I pray for my own life, that I would always seek after God’s truth, and a life that is pleasing to Him. I ask for open eyes, and mind, and heart so that His truth will always bring to light the things in my life that need to be changed. I pray for this too to be the desire of all those that claim Christ. Amen!