(John 1)…As Christians we are not just followers of Jesus we’re called to be disciples. That also doesn’t mean that our roles as disciples are going to all be the same. Looking at Jesus core 12 disciples they were a varying bunch. Some were more leaders than others. One thing is for certain however, we are all called as disciples to make disciples. We’re called to simply bring people to Jesus. You look as Philip and Andrew and that’s exactly what they did.

Why is it that as new Christians it seems to easy to share about our new found faith with others, but as we mature in our faith we shrink back and find it hard to share with others? Not all Christ followers are that way of course. I’m not afraid to tell people that I’m a Christ follower, but I’m also not running around with an intent on telling people either.

Jesus made it very clear when he was here, either follow me or go your own way. However, we do see that Jesus didn’t feel the need to go around say “hey everyone, I’m Jesus the Son of God, come listen to what I have to say”. However, he did preach to thousands of people. He did go out in public and share God’s truth. One of the keys to Jesus’ ministry was the fact that he cared about people not everything else. I think that is where today’s Christians can miss the mark. We tend to get too focused on our programs and lose sight of the daily connecting with people. People, the relationships we invest in, those are what matter most, especially when given the opportunity to share what God has done in our lives.