(Nehemiah 2:1-3)…We find Nehemiah waiting patiently for God’s perfect timing. Do we do that? Over the last year and a half I’ve seen God’s perfect timing play out in my own life. The changes that God brought into my life happened rather quickly, but at the same time I had many moments that I needed to rely on Him. The scariest thing had to be moving without a job. I trusted that God had a job all ready for me. And He did.

The next thing that I had to trust God for was how He was going to work out my relationship with Vanessa. I didn’t know 100% where God was going to lead us. Over the course of 6 or so months He lead us to deciding to get married. Now that we’re married we still need to trust Him each day to guide us in our marriage, but also guide our lives to be what He intends.

None of us knows the plans God has for us, but we do have the promise of His plans. That’s where are faith comes in, trusting God will reveal His plans to us when we are ready.