(1 John 5:14-15)…The one thing I think many of us forget, when it comes to prayer, is that it’s not about persuading God, it’s about changing us. If we have a powerful prayer life, we’ll find that our lives will be changing. Part of the Holy Spirits work in our lives happens while we prayer. He not only makes our prayer acceptable to God but also works in our hearts to make our prayers fall in line with God’s will.

You’ll find that those that have the most changing going on in their lives, good change that is, probably have a pretty strong and consistent prayer life. And we’ll know when our prayers are what they ought to be because we’ll see how everything falls in line. The thing to be careful of is not to start thinking that all of this change and being in God’s will comes instantly. Part of God’s will is His perfect timing as well. We’ll never know what His timing is but we are promised that He has a plan for it all.

We really don’t have to worry about a thing, when we realize that God’s got a perfect plan for it all. And if we start making prayer a consistent part of our lives we’ll begin to see change in our lives, and we know that’s nothing to worry about as well!