(Romans 8:27)…If someone looked at what was really in our hearts, they would find the truth of the matter. Our hearts don’t lie and this is why the Holy Spirit looks there before bringing our prayers to God the Father. One problem that we have is that our sin nature has a place in our hearts. There is going to be some part of our heart that has sinful motives. The Holy Spirit will see that and work in us to change our hearts, so that way our prayers will be inline with God’s will.

We know that God answers prayer, He promises so, but what we sometimes forget is that His answer might not be what we expected. He may simply answer with no. Using God’s Word as a guideline for our prayers is one sure way to get our hearts on the right track. The Scripture is packed full of answers for our lives, even answers to prayer. God gave us His Word to answer our prayers and give us guidance. It can be hard, at times, to find the answers we are looking for, especially if we are looking for an answer to a cultural issue. While an exact situation may not be laid out in His Word there are still answers to be found there.

I think you are fooling yourself if you think that you only need to pray for guidance in your life, you also need to look for it in the Scriptures. If our hearts line up with God’s Truth then we know we are following Him.