(2 Chronicles 34:1-13) Josiah didn’t have the Scriptures to follow as a guide for his life, however it would seem that God was working in his heart anyways. We have this and more today. God can still work in our lives through the Holy Spirit, but we are blessed even more with the availability of the Scripture.

As Christians today we are blessed to have the Holy Spirit and God’s Word available to change us each day. The Holy Spirit can work on us without much work on our part, but picking up God’s Word and reading is something we have to make a decision to do. There really is no excuse to why we can’t read the Bible it is more available to English speaking people than any other language, it would seem. We even have different types of Bible’s to choose from.

God calls us to seek His wisdom from the Word that He has given us. We need to be looking there for the guidance we need each day in our lives. There is no excuse…only laziness and sinfulness.