(1 Kings 3:1-15) After David has passed away his son Solomon took his place as king over Israel. Solomon also followed the request of his father by seeking after God and following His commands. God was pleased with Solomon’s desire to follow Him and so offered to give him anything that he wanted. Solomon’s heart shown through his request to God, he desired to be able to lead God’s people and be a good king in God’s eyes. Solomon’s request for wisdom was the kind of request that made God very happy. God gave Solomon the wisdom he asked for, but along with it came everything else he could have dreamed of asking.

The truth that God shares with us through Solomon is that, above all, we need only wisdom for our lives. If we seeks God’s wisdom for our lives everything else will be blessed as a result. None of us will ever have the kind of wisdom that God gave Solomon, however it should be the desire of our heart to seek out God’s wisdom in all areas of our lives. Our prayers to God should begin with a request for wisdom and all other things will be taken care of through it.